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canimation 2011

Pleae go and watch my stop-motion animation in the Red Bull's gallery and if you like it 'Like' it, comment and share with your friends ;)

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2010-02-15; 19:23:00

yyy... ekhm... so... today... Today is a great day, especially for me, because I've launched my homepage, finally! :)

After few years /about 8/ of thinking, planning and constantly changing my mind about visual, technical and functional aspects of my web page, I have definitely decided that this form, which you can see now, will suites the best to my outputs.

Page was created with little help from BelmonduS /more complicated php scripts/ and for this big Thank You to him.

Database of my motion works is constantly filled up and most of sections are still not completed so...expect more updates very, very soon :>

2010-02-17; 11:47:00

new old animations now on the site :)

The Teddybear / clay test /, battle royale, The Prototype / puppet test /
enjoy :)

2010-02-28; 20:06:00

I've just added comic OzonMan into section other -> comics.

new links added below.

2010-03-03; 22:07:46

Today I can officialy announce that at GetShirtyOnline.com you can find design elements made by me whitch can help you in creating your own t-shirt.

2010-03-08; 21:17:40

I have birthday today

Happy Birthday to Me ;P

2010-03-17; 13:43:02

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of You /not only to those who claim Irish ancestry ;) /.

Be green like shamrock.

Ok, so now little up-dates on the page. First, I've added my first manga I have ever done. You can find it in the comics section in others /menu on the top/.
Second, new link to Sebastion Kwidzinski's home page have been added /menu on the bottom/.

2010-03-23; 13:58:27

I'm here just to say:

1. Helloooo! :D
2. new-old puppet test is on the page available here Prototype II
3. missing files are not-missing any more so you can see now The Crow and The Crow /cartoon test/

2010-04-04; 19:51:39

first of all:

Happy Easter! to you :D


Thanks to sinsky section Now workin on.. is now filled up :)

Animator's desk is a really short animation made in mixed media technique - combined stop-motion and cg cartoon


I've moved home page to a different server so now it works noticeable faster or only I have such an impression ;) Beside new hosting server, domain animations.me.uk is now launched on and mine :D. For a time being it's the same site as mala.me.uk, but I'm going to do something more separated from my home page in the near future.


ok, so now prepare yourself for next info in which I'll be as shamelessly proud as a peacock ;P because:

I'll be mentioned, and my animations too, of course... at least two of them - The Whiteness and Reflection, in Kate's master's thesis. Kate is studying Journalism and Social Communication with specialization Digital Media and Electronic Communication at Dolnoslaska Szkola Wyzsza in Wroclaw.

2010-06-21; 20:34:39

now Working on... UpDate

Animator's Desk status has changed to /only/ music post-production.

2010-06-29; 20:42:44

The Reflection and Autumn will be show 2nd and 3rd of July at Borutafest in Leczyca in OPEN category /for no-professional artists/.

2010-07-06; 13:16:09

I have great news :)

Autumn has won first price in OPEN category at Borutafest festival! :D

Check winning list at Borutafest Official WebSite.

2010-07-07; 21:13:09

new animation coming soon... this Friday Night at my home page and forum.animuj.pl, precisely

2010-07-09; 22:09:56

Animator's Desk Premiere :D

If you would like to comment send me an e-mail or go to short's topic at forum.animuj.pl.

2010-07-26; 01:37:50

Read more about Autumn on 314t's blog here ;)

2010-08-08; 21:41:32

NEW Feature -> SubScription at the right bottom corner of the home page and on the left side of the contact form ;)

soooo... now you can always be upToDate on latest UpDates :)

2010-08-12; 23:35:00

I'v added new links on the bottom of the page.

my profile on facebook

yes I get social, but...
Please, remember I'm still trying to get used to twitter and facebook :P

2010-08-23; 18:07:04

Check new or rather quite old photos on my facebook profile.

2010-10-03; 18:34:56

no more lazy days! ;P

new job on board - Hypnosis Tattoo Studio website, check it soon :)

2010-10-11; 03:29:47

little photo of Hypnosis Tattoo's graphic element "work in progress" /inking sketch - yes, I love traditional way of doing things like this ;)/

2010-10-31; 15:29:21

new album on facebook - my hobby and dressmaker achievements

2010-11-07; 03:37:09

UpDates on site!

Can you belive? cozzz I still can't ;P

First of all I added some time ago two test animations Landscape Test and Snow Test. Both made in 2008.

Second, I filled up information about Autumn.

Third, I've updated information about myself, no, no bio this time - this will wait for some time... longer ;)


Finally - I added new category in section others and filled it up with my old intaglio works. All graphics made in 2003 and 2004.

2010-11-13; 03:59:57

Next UpDates on website :)

this time I've uploaded some of my 'paintings' and you can find them in others -> paintings. Unfortunately most of my painting canvases and boards are in Poland and I don't know when I'll be able to take them pictures... so for time being in the gallery be displayed only few works.

Last time I've forgotten about very important information
For Hidden Realm Entertainment with Patryk Glogowski, we created beautyful wallpaper for Androind mobile. You can download it for FREE here -> HRE Live Wallpaper

...and if you want you can also check one more live wallpaper I have created graphic to -> Beer Live Wallpaper ;)

2010-11-30; 04:03:21

New series has just started - nothing special, I'm only convincing myself that I still know how to draw. From time to time /wish it's everyday, but you know real life.../ I'll publish on the web site and in this facebook album drawings amd sketches taged as a convincelf to keep me going.

so let's start...

Convincelfe #1 - The Crow with a Necklace
Anna Glogowska - 'Crow with Necklace' - black ballpen, 2010

2010-12-02; 01:35:15

convincelf #2 Faces

Anna Glogowska - 'Faces' - pencil on paper, 2010

2010-12-05; 20:10:47

19 new photos in facebook album Dressmaker's tales /on the bottom/

2010-12-07; 08:51:02

convincelf #3 Face and Hands
Anna Glogowska - 'Face and Hands' - pencil on paper, 2010

2010-12-10; 20:59:09

Big update on the page drawings - some old and even very old drawings and skatches.

Anna Glogowska - 'Crow's Iris' - ink, pen and gel-pen on paper, 2006 Anna Glogowska - 'Horse 5' - coloured pencil on paper, 2008 Anna Glogowska - 'Fantasy Shell' - ballpen, 2000

more coming soon ;)

2010-12-13; 23:00:56

next one from convincelf #4 series - Rose
Anna Glogowska - 'Rose' - black ballpen on paper, 2010

2010-12-18; 23:47:20

new convincelf #5 Hand
Anna Glogowska - 'Hand' - pencil on paper, 2010

unfortunately Peanut /my kitty/ expressed her dislike to this piece by more then her 'it's disgusting' look, so you can easily spot her claws here and there

I've added the archive of upDates - this small link on the bottom :)

2010-12-25; 17:05:01

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! to all :)

Click here to see Christmas Postcard digitaly painted /in Photoshop, of course ;) / for 314Technologies and published on 314Technologies Blog.

2011-01-03; 21:25:03

first art in this year :) and it's convincelf #6 Garden's hedge

Anna Glogowska - 'Garden's hedge' - pencil, 2011

2011-02-11; 12:13:54

New - Old drawings in the gallery other drawings.

Anna Glogowska - 'Lemons' - pencil on paper, 2010 Anna Glogowska - 'Tile Detail' - pencil on paper, 2009 Anna Glogowska - 'Monolith' - pencil on paper, 2009

2011-02-24; 22:57:03

time for a blogPost!

Check new wallpaper for one of the usefull product ToDoMapper.com from a company 314 Technologies I work for.

OK, click ->here <- and remember 100% of Adobe Illustrator CS3 ;)

2011-03-08; 08:03:45

you know what the day is today? :>

...as every year, today is my... B-Day

Happy Birthday to Me ;P

2011-03-11; 19:40:02


a few snapshots from 314Office An ordinary meeting at the end of a day

2011-03-17; 20:03:48

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Be green like shamrock.

2011-04-05; 23:12:01

a small collaboration with Savvy Production on video project called At the End of The Day for BBC Radio 5

here are Outtakes on youtube... more info and the premiere soon, very soon ;)

2011-04-07; 22:32:21

And here it is

At the End of the Day... Luck of the Irish

2011-04-23; 00:05:04

Happy Easter! :)

...and a happy drawings for Easter from the conviself series - lucky number 7 ;)
Anna Glogowska - 'Egg' - pencil on paper, 2011

2011-04-25; 20:23:18

more eggs and tree... conviself #8, #9 and #10

Anna Glogowska - 'Egg Clock' - pencil on paper, 2011 Anna Glogowska - 'Egg Shot' - pencil on paper, 2011 Anna Glogowska - 'Tree' - pencil on paper, 2011

2011-05-05; 23:04:12

continuation... of the convincelf series of course ;)

Anna Glogowska - 'Egg Clock II' - pencil on paper, 2011 Anna Glogowska - 'Egg Shot II' - pencil on paper, 2011 Anna Glogowska - 'Egg Play' - pencil on paper, 2011 Anna Glogowska - 'Meadow' - pencil on paper, 2011 Anna Glogowska - 'Meadow II' - pencil on paper, 2011

2011-05-16; 20:48:29

the last one from egg-ish series, as for now ;) - Egg II

Anna Glogowska - 'Egg II' - pencil on paper, 2011

...and maybe new subject - Rushes

Anna Glogowska - 'Rushes' - black ballpen on paper, 2011

2011-11-05; 23:07:28

seriously I'm back
...with an animation! :D

...and the animation is called Plue and you can find it in the aniMations section and sorry it's only 5 seconds long :/ but still it's an animation! ;D

and /hehe lots of ands here/ remember plue your new blue! ;)

2011-11-16; 20:48:36

Here it is, my crazy /crazy because I had only two weeks to come up with an idea and to push it into motion, better into stop-motion!/ entry for the Red Bull Canimation contest.

How it went? You can find out yourself - just click this link http://canimation.redbull.co.uk/gallery/video/32151017 or watch animation on vimeo oooor below ;)

canimation 2011 from Anna Glogowska on Vimeo.

2011-11-18; 04:03:53

small update on contact page ;)

cant spot what I changed? :>

... just added my scanme QR Code for an e-mail signature, this one:

now with just one scan you have all means to contact me or connect with me on facebook and twitter :D

2011-11-24; 01:10:23

There is only one week left to vote!

If you still haven't seen my animation here is the link http://canimation.redbull.co.uk/gallery/video/32151017

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