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...promotion of my Red Bull Caimation entry

canimation 2011

Pleae go and watch my stop-motion animation in the Red Bull's gallery and if you like it 'Like' it, comment and share with your friends ;)

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2011-11-24; 01:10:23

There is only one week left to vote!

If you still haven't seen my animation here is the link http://canimation.redbull.co.uk/gallery/video/32151017

canimation 2011

2011-11-18; 04:03:53

small update on contact page ;)

cant spot what I changed? :>

... just added my scanme QR Code for an e-mail signature, this one:

now with just one scan you have all means to contact me or connect with me on facebook and twitter :D

2011-11-16; 20:48:36

Here it is, my crazy /crazy because I had only two weeks to come up with an idea and to push it into motion, better into stop-motion!/ entry for the Red Bull Canimation contest.

How it went? You can find out yourself - just click this link http://canimation.redbull.co.uk/gallery/video/32151017 or watch animation on vimeo oooor below ;)

canimation 2011 from Anna Glogowska on Vimeo.

2011-11-05; 23:07:28

seriously I'm back
...with an animation! :D

...and the animation is called Plue and you can find it in the aniMations section and sorry it's only 5 seconds long :/ but still it's an animation! ;D

and /hehe lots of ands here/ remember plue your new blue! ;)

2011-05-16; 20:48:29

the last one from egg-ish series, as for now ;) - Egg II

Anna Glogowska - 'Egg II' - pencil on paper, 2011

...and maybe new subject - Rushes

Anna Glogowska - 'Rushes' - black ballpen on paper, 2011

2011-05-05; 23:04:12

continuation... of the convincelf series of course ;)

Anna Glogowska - 'Egg Clock II' - pencil on paper, 2011 Anna Glogowska - 'Egg Shot II' - pencil on paper, 2011 Anna Glogowska - 'Egg Play' - pencil on paper, 2011 Anna Glogowska - 'Meadow' - pencil on paper, 2011 Anna Glogowska - 'Meadow II' - pencil on paper, 2011

2011-04-25; 20:23:18

more eggs and tree... conviself #8, #9 and #10

Anna Glogowska - 'Egg Clock' - pencil on paper, 2011 Anna Glogowska - 'Egg Shot' - pencil on paper, 2011 Anna Glogowska - 'Tree' - pencil on paper, 2011

2011-04-23; 00:05:04

Happy Easter! :)

...and a happy drawings for Easter from the conviself series - lucky number 7 ;)
Anna Glogowska - 'Egg' - pencil on paper, 2011

2011-04-07; 22:32:21

And here it is

At the End of the Day... Luck of the Irish

2011-04-05; 23:12:01

a small collaboration with Savvy Production on video project called At the End of The Day for BBC Radio 5

here are Outtakes on youtube... more info and the premiere soon, very soon ;)



...to my web page :)

It's mostly collection of all kind of my animations, from technique's tests and scraps to commercial and art works.
But I included my still works /such as drawings, comics, paintings and photographs/
and designed works /web pages, logos and t-shirt prints/ as well.